ID badges for Phlebotomists

Custom badges made just for you!

ID badge for phlebotomist

It's time to stand out

Everyday thousands of independent phlebotomists are out and about drawing blood. Make your patients more comfortable while increasing your professionalism with this PHLEBOTOMIST ID BADGE.

Each ID badge is custom made to order. The cards are plastic, just like a credit card. You can specify your name and photo as well as add any text you'd like.

Most phlebs choose to have a certification number, phone number, some of the companies they work with, or even a quote about phlebotomy.

Once you order, we will contact you for your photo and information. We will also email you a picture of the card before it gets printed. These are standard card size and include the water resistant pouch.

The cost for the card includes free shipping. We only ship to the continental United States.

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